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Credit Union Audit

CamCCUL Audit Department gives the best to the credit union .


CamCCUL Uniting people and Credit Unions.

Staff Training

Training Department CamCCUl, at the service of the credit unions.

Services offered to affiliates


Systematic Audit in all the affiliated credit unions


Sensitization, granting, monitoring and recovery of MFI and its member


Always working on innovative products for the growth of the MFI and its members.


Bringing new technological changes to digitalise the MFI sector of the CamCCUL network


Making sure accurate information and declarations are made in time and not on time.


Offering training i.e. scheduled, unscheduled and on the spot training to all staff

About Us

CamCCUL formed in 1968, the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League (CamCCUL) is a network of 208 credit unions that also offers microfinance services. CamCCUL re-registered under the cooperative law in 1994 and has been registered by the Banking Commission of Central Africa (COBAC). As of December 2014, CamCCUL reported total assets of USD 306 million and a gross loan portfolio of USD 188 million outstanding to 81,000 borrowers. As of the same date, the organization reported USD 240 million in deposits held for 300,000 depositors……. read more


Agric Business Unit

The agribusiness finance program of the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League (CamCCUL ltd) continue to grow in the Network by sensitizing Credit Unions to diversify their loans portfolio with focus on financing commercially orientated Agriculture Value Chains that could be more profitable which stems from agro-pastoral & fishery, transportation related activities in agribusiness value chain, buyam-sellam, processing and commercialization opportunities

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The services we offer to the credit unions and the statistics

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Po Box: 15217
Tell: (237) 233 01 29 34
Fax: (237) 233 01 29 34
Region: Litoral, Rue Pau Face Batoula

Yaounde office

Po Box: 4258
Tell: (237) 222 20 23 45
Fax: (237) 222 20 23 46
Region: Centre, Nlongkak Yaounde

Fako office

Po Box: 380
Tell: (237) 233 33 12 71
Region: South West, Buea Road Mutengene near Market 

Kumbo office

Po Box: 60
Tell: (237) 233 48 10 44
Region: North West, Mbve 

Mamfe office

Po Box: 93
Tell: (237) 233 34 10 04
Region: South West, Bhind Police Barack 

Contact Us

Contact Us

Head Office

Po Box: 2011
Tell: (237) 233 44 57 66
Region: North West 

Bamenda Branch office

Po Box: 2011
Tell: (237) 233 44 57 66
Region: North West 

Fundong office

Po Box: 15217
Tell: (237) 677 66 63 61
Region: North West, GRA

Kumba office

Po Box: 296
Tell: (237) 233 35 41 12
Region: South West, Buea Road 

Bafoussam office

Po Box: 1009
Tell: (237) 233 26 24 17
Region: West, Carrefour Feu Rouge 

Garoua office

Po Box: 761
Tell: (237) 222 29 14 59
Fax: (237) 222 29 31 01
Region: North, A Coté de L’hotel de la Cité 

Nkambe office

Po Box: 15217
Tell: (237) 675 28 20 95
Region: North West, Near Nkambe Fon Palace, Old Market