The CamCCUL  Agribusiness finance program as of December 2022 has come of age with more focus on sensitizing Credit Unions of the Network to diversify their loan portfolios with a focus on financing micro-credit schemes and commercially orientated Agriculture Value Chains that stems from agro-pastoral & fishery, transportation 

related activities in agribusiness, Buyam-sellam, processing and commercialization opportunities. Strategically, the initiative continuous to enhance Credit Unions members in entrepreneurship skills on the one hand through trainings such as the Farmers Business School (FBS), PROFINACC and FANEPIA programs of ProFinA GIZ to build the capacities of Credit Unions staff and members on how to analyze and plan investments with loans obtained from the Credit Unions.  As of 31st December 2022, the number of members who benefited from CamCCUL’s agribusiness financing activities, especially in the agro/pastoral sector stood at 49 000 members with a loan portfolio of FCFA 31 000 000 hence representing about 40% of CamCCUL’s Network Loans portfolio. The experience in managing this portfolio was good as it registered 8% PAR 45 due to entrepreneurship training and rigorous follow-up with identified markets for farmers.




Availability of the Agri – finance Adviser, Quality seeds for farmers in a good number of CUs, Value chain addition, training, and financing, operated by so many CUs (e.g. cassava, vegetable extraction,   piggery, Market gardening, etc.) commercially oriented and promoted by CamCCUL