The Cameroon cooperative Credit Union League (CamCCUL) COOP-BoD, MFI as the apex organ for the cooperative credit unions affiliated to its network has always given much importance to Education and training of its members. As a leading cooperative movement in Cameroon, CamCCUL respects the cooperative principle of “Education, Training and Information”. The network had long understood the importance of developing its human capital which comprises: elected officials serving their credit unions in various capacities, the technical staff of CamCCUL and its affiliates as well as the members of these affiliated credit unions.

It is on the basis of this that during its annual general meeting of 31st July 2021 in Limbe, the CamCCUL Network Training Center was created.

Objectives of the Training Center to the Network

  • Professionalize training within the Network
  • Provide a wide range of trainings to elected officials, staff and members of credit unions
  • Increase the training base of the Network to train many more people
  • Train potential officials and staff on credit union concepts
  • Adopt Modern technology to enhance training experience
  • Offer specific trainings at the request of credit unions
  • Periodically publish and communicate planned trainings to credit unions
  • Follow up trainees after training sessions to determine the impact of trainings
  • Continuously improve on its services to give credit union staff and elected officials the best Training Experience

 Key activities of the training center in 2023

  • Specialized trainings for Credit Union Managers, Accountants, Loan Officers
  • On-boarding training for elected officials at credit union levels
  • Onboarding for newly recruited staff of CamCCUL and credit unions
  • Virtual trainings through video conferencing
  • Chapter trainings
  • Introduction of training modules in Governance and Financial Management for Elected officials of credit unions