Etwii Cooperative Credit Union Ltd

CamCCUL has been of great help to credit union activities especially to ETWII COOPERATIVE CREDIT UNION LTD in the following ways:

  • Carryout monthly controls on all transactions
  • Organized seminar and workshops to educate
  • Help in recovery some bad loans
  • Help in promoting the union through radio talks
  • Carryout end of year audit and also organized and managed our Annual General Meetings

Yes we believe a lot is still to be done by CamCCUL especially in the area of bringing up more new products and service to enable some weaker credit unions to meet up with the challenges from the market. She should also organized more training programs so as to enable new comers see the need of belonging to the network

  1. A) “I am Techa Elvis a native from pinyin. I wish to say the credit union has helped me so much with my business and the construction of my house. I own a business place at Ntarinkon market and I deal with food stuffs. For over these years my business has increased thanks to the credit union. I wish to encourage many to join the train in order to benefit more.”
  2. B) “I am Madame Achonduh Judith from Etwii Ngie dealer in foodstuff at Ntarikon market. I am so happy and proud to say l belong to a credit union, in fact If I am growing in my business today is thanks to Etwii Credit Union. Today I supply to IDPs some internally displaced) and many schools. I wish to call on every one and especially women to come together and join the credit union, participate and take loan to set up small business and empower themselves.”
  3. C) “We the members of NGIE AJIE INTEGRATED CIG GROUP in Etwii Ngie today are proud farmers in cattle rearing. Our products have increase and make us wealthy today thanks to the credit union. Through the MINPAT / AGRIFIN loan from CamCCUL we are doing well and also encourage other groups to join and benefit from this huge package offer by the credit union. We say ETICCUL Progress.”
  4. We wish to encourage would be members that belonging to a credit union is the best and most trusted investment you can ever have for yourself and generation to come. Join us and be among those who have made it. It is very easy, cheap and above all open to everyone. Join us now to save Regularly, Borrow Wisely and Pay Promptly for raining days.

Agyati Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (MFI)


  • The supervision and control services of CamCCUL to AgyaCCUL have been of great help. This helps us to work up to standards, hence more productivity.
  • The training of AgyaCCUL staff through seminars and otherwise keeps staff with up-to-date knowledge to provide quality services to members of the union.
  • Giving interest-free loans to farmers who are our members through the union, empowering them financially, helping to alleviate poverty.
  • The use of the software provided by CamCCUL facilitates work and work quality is appreciated by staff and members.